Due to the pandemic that has stricken our world, we are all going through of a very difficult time.

We have to stay for long inside; its quarantine day 39…

I decided to upload this very small library online;

It contains my two children’s books for anyone who wants to read in their free time.

Since we can no longer leave our homes and travel,

I would recommend my second book in which Ellie boards a spaceship and watches the world before her eyes unravel.

She goes to the U.S., Italy and Greenland,

And she even meets the queen when she goes to England.

I hope that while reading with Ellie, you will enjoy her flight,

And that the books will make your day a bit more bright.

There is also a link which will lead you to a page where you can donate to “Mazi Gia To Paidi”

The organization where the profits for the book went before I uploaded them for free.

Also I have to say that one of my main goals during the quarantine is to embrace my creativity,

So now I’m writing my third book, I recommend that you should also spend time doing and interesting activity!

When I see you again I promise that I’ll have with me my third book for you to read.

Until then stay healthy, patient and creative and the difficult times will slowly disappear. Agreed?